Studio Installations


Hinton Instruments has over 30 years experience with the design and installation of recording studios, the design of recording equipment and its day to day use.

Many studios are badly designed. They may look good in a brochure picture, but become a nightmare to work in. Others grow without proper planning and spend more time being fixed and chasing hums and buzzes than being used. It does not have to be like this.

We can help you build a reliable installation with day to day ergonomics, maintenance and future expansion all taken into consideration. Our experience of installing large analogue and digital studios and working in them afterwards is equally applicable to smaller studios. Please contact us for more information.

Some of our past projects have included:

Exile Productions

Exile Productions Private Studio

August 2005:

Planning and reinstallation, going back to analogue. SSL XL 9056K with Remote Mic Amps, 48 track analogue + 48 track digital + 24 track Pro Tools.

January 2004:

Planning and installation, SSL Axiom MT+, 48 track analogue + 48 track digital + 24 track Pro Tools.

Exile Productions Exile Productions Exile Productions


Door 13 Studios, Nashville, USA

August 2004:

Planning and installation, 24 track analogue + 24 track digital.

The Wool Hall

The Wool Hall, Somerset, UK

August 2001:

Complete analogue and digital rewire for SSL Axiom MT+, 48 track analogue + 48 track digital.

November 1997:

Rewiring rehearsal studio, 24 track analogue.

May 1995:

Control Room rewiring for SSL 6056E, 48 track analogue.

August 1999:

Custom wiring for Exile Touring PA System.

Last updated: 19 November 2010