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MIDIY: a high performance MIDI merger for combining multiple MIDI data streams into one in full compliance with the MIDI protocol. Each MIDI input has its own set of filters for every separate MIDI Status type and a large buffer capable of storing several seconds of continuous MIDI data. A sophisticated merging algorithm ensures that the inputs are combined as efficiently as possible with the absolute minimum overall delay. MIDIY will merge all MIDI Status types including simultaneous large System Exclusive blocks subject to the buffer capacity.

An RS232 port allows complete setup and dumps via computer, terminal or intelligent terminal with VT100 capability. All settings are saved in capacitor backed RAM for standalone operation, a computer is only required for editing. Thirty user definable MIDI Events of up to 60 bytes each may be stored and triggered by front panel switches, an external footswitch or an RS232 command to set connected equipment to a clear, safe or predefined state. The RS232 port may also be used to send indefinite length data to either MIDI Output from a computer, e.g. for setting up equipment, and for running the built in MIDI Monitor.

As MIDIY is dedicated and optimised for MIDI Merging it is able to provide a guaranteed performance and specification under all operating conditions unlike devices that try to combine merging with other functions. For live performance and complex studio applications data integrity is assured.

MIDIY Specification
  • Case: 1U 19" Rack Mounting (W:482 X H:44 x D:270 mm). Steel chassis.
  • Power: 85V - 260V mains, 50/60Hz. 6W max.

Front Panel Controls:

  • Power On/Off.
  • Two large shrouded programmable function switches (PF1, PF2).
  • LED status indication.
Rear Panel Connectors:
  • MIDI: 25DBF MultiPort Connector
    Breakout cable to DIN 41524 circular metal locking type sockets.
    In 1, In 2, In 3, Out1, In4, In5, Out 2.
  • Footswitch: Lockable A gauge jack (1/4")
    NO, NC or stereo CO switch types all acceptable, automatically learnt at reset.
  • RS232: 9DBM connector with posts.
    DTE configuration, PC AT pinout
  • Mains: IEC fused, filtered inlet.

Software (Version 3.0f September 2000):

  • Input Buffer Size: 5000 bytes.
  • Event Size: 30 x 60 bytes, free format.
  • Delay: <0.8ms (one input active).
  • RS232 protocol: 38.4kBd or 57.6kBd 8 data bits, No parity, 2 stop bits, XON/XOFF.
  • Three level computer control: Computer, Dumb Terminal or VT100 protocol.
  • VT100 compatible paged displays:
    Status, Filters, Monitor.
Download MIDIY User Manual

These products are currently undergoing a complete redesign to meet new RoHS regulations. Please enquire regarding availablility. We can also build custom MIDI equipment to your requirements.

Last updated: 28 September 2014