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Developed to overcome the inherent electrical limitation of MIDI cables to 15 metres maximum, these units are essential when MIDI equipment is distributed over large rooms, multiple rooms or theatres. MIDI Long Haul Converters are designed to use standardly available wiring installations such as XLR balanced tie lines or multiway cables without any special tooling. The MIDI connections are converted to use standard XLR connectors for transmission and reception over balanced audio tie lines or microphone cable. Operation over 1000 metres (over 3000 feet) is guaranteed with only an 11 microsecond delay.

The receivers are fully optically isolated for elimination of ground loop problems and safety. The data is reconstructed with low distortion and delay for high data integrity. This makes installing the units in a complex system virtually transparent.

For live concert applications, MIDI Long Haul Converters may be used to convey MIDI data between the stage and FOH mixer or between remote controlled loudspeaker towers when using MIDI controlled effects units and power amplifiers.

In a test conducted at the BBC TV Centre a Long Haul Converter was patched around the building using every availiable tie line together with an open line feeding a microphone amplifier and failed to produce any measurable interference even with +60dB gain.

Hinton Instruments Long Haul Converters have become the preferred standard in theme parks and major stage productions, especially in London's West End, where the possibility of failure in front of a live audience is not an available option.

One driver and one receiver in a small extruded case.

Two drivers and two receivers in a 1U 19" rack mounting case.

Last updated: 28 September 2014