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This 1U 19" rack mounting, mains powered unit has two channels of MIDI to Long Haul and two channels of Long Haul to MIDI. The standard unit comes with MIDI and XLR connectors on the back and MIDI connectors on the front.

The optional MIDI distribution package provides 16 outputs on an EDAC connector that are user-configurable in various ways. This makes Z2 extremely flexible for distribution of MIDI to many different MIDI devices simultaneously.

For critical applications requiring rapid changeover, the EDAC connector can be easily configured by the user with any combination of Long Haul and MIDI inputs and outputs, for up to 16 total connections.

Designed to give you many years of reliable service, it is built to last both inside and out. Z2 is housed in a ruggedly constructed stainless steel case assembled with stainless steel screws, and has a 3 mm stainless steel front panel. All of the connectors are professional quality.

In the event that repairs are necessary, Z2 is also designed to be servicable. All of the ICs are socketed, and none of the connectors are mounted directly on the board, so components can be replaced with a minimum of time and effort.

Z2 can be used as part of a complete MIDI distribution system in combination with our small Z1 single channel units.

Technical specifications: pdf format
Operating manual: pdf format
MIDI Long Haul Documentation CD: Mac OS X .dmg file

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Z2 Dual Long Haul Converter

Please contact us for estimated delivery times.

£565.00 + VAT + P&P
£565.00 + VAT + shipping
£565.00 + shipping

The MIDI distribution option is an additional £45 if ordered at the time of purchase, or £55 as an upgrade. Please contact us to order.

Last updated: 07 May 2018