Power Cables

We can provide fully custom cable assemblies for most power connectors in common use made with correctly rated cable and contacts and the correct tooling.

Just send us a list of types and lengths for a quotation.


KK 0.156"

Used by Hinton Instruments, Wiard, FRAC, MOTM, Modcan and others

32/0.2, 24/0.2, or 16/0.2 cable
Contact resistance 10mΩ max.


KK 0.1"

Used by Dotcom, Bugbrand and others

16/0.2 or 7/0.2 cable
Contact resistance 10mΩ max.


16/10 way 0.1"

Used by most Eurorack modules.

16/0.2 or 7/0.2 cable (ribbon cable is 7/0.1)
Contact resistance 30mΩ max.


1490 Series

Used by Serge. Male and female types are available.

32/0.2 or 24/0.2 cable
Contact resistance 5mΩ max.


Faston and Ring terminals

Used on most PSUs, busbars and distribution cards for individual cables.



Used for external cables, but limited by cable size and may conflict with other applications.
Contact resistance of 30mΩ max. 32/0.2 or 24/0.2 cable
Not suitable for over 500mA or over 2m length.



Used for external cables. The 19 pin Ringlock connector is about the same size as an XLR connector, but has the capacity for up to 19 32/0.2 wires and a contact resistance of 5mΩ max.


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Last updated: 31 October 2016