XLR Loom

SSL Alpha-Link Looms


We can provide all the cabling to plumb your Solid State Logic Alpha-Link converter into your studio.

Some example looms and prices for 5 metre and 10 metre lengths are listed below. All are available as a custom order in any length you need, with your choice of labelling and additional options. All looms have appropriate colour coded sleeved tails and connector boots.

To request a quotation for your custom installation, or to order any of the cables listed below, please fill out this quotation form. We also have some multi-purpose digital audio looms and D-type looms available for instant purchase in standard lengths.

We can also supply custom cabling for other SSL Products.


Sample Pricing

Outputs 1-8
Outputs 9-16
Outputs 17-24
8 pair DB25 to XLRM 5 M: £90-00
10 M: £120-00
Inputs 1-8
Inputs 9-16
Inputs 17-24
8 pair DB25 to XLRF 5 M: £95-00
10 M: £125-00
Alpha Link MADI-SX
8 channel AES/EBU I/O
8 pair DigiLoom Adapter (Yamaha pinout) 5 M: £70-00
10 M: £110-00
Last updated: 13 October 2009