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Looking for the right connector to match an old rare microphone? The two most often required for German microphones before XLRs became standard are Tuchel connectors for DIN 41524 or DIN 41624. These microphones are frequently found on eBay at much lower prices because no cable is included.

This picture shows two versions of the Sennheiser MD421. On the right is the MD421-N Klein Tuchel version which has 3 round pins and is smaller than an XLR. On the left is the MD421-2 Gross Tuchel version which has 3 flat blade pins in a "Y" configuration and is slightly larger than an XLR.

We can also supply Amphenol MC3M and MC4M type cables for use with vintage Shure microphones including the Shure 55 "Elvis microphone".

Certain microphones were available with different connectors. To help you select the right cable, we have provided this table of information about various microphones with links to the appropriate cable to use.

If after looking at this you are still not sure which is needed, please enquire. Be sure to check this page for one of a kind and limited quantity cables available for sale. Other rare connector types may be sourced.

Converts microphones using a DIN 41524 connector to standard 3-pin XLR.

Converts microphones using a DIN 41624 connector to standard 3-pin XLR.

Our standard Klein Tuchel cable will not mate properly with a Sennheiser MD21's recessed connector. This one will fit.

This is the cable to use with Sennheiser MD21-HL and MD421-HL. These microphones use a different pinout.

Male to female DIN 41524 cable.

Converts microphones using an Amphenol MC3F or MC4F connector to standard 3-pin XLR.

Last updated: 08 March 2013