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This is a screw locking 3 pin DIN connector similar to the type used for MIDI or Hi-Fi and was commonly used by German manufacturers for non-broadcast microphones before XLR became the universal standard.

Suitable for use with Sennheiser MD408, MD409, MD413-N, MD416-N, MD419, MD211, MD421-N, MD441-N, K3N series, MKH-105, MKH-106T, MKH-805, MKH-405, MKH-406T, MKH-416T, and MKH-435T; AKG C 451EB, D 19C, D 24, D 160C, D 190C, D 202C and other microphones with -C suffix; older Beyer M61, M64N, M69, M88, M100, M101, M119, M130, M160, M201, M260N, M360, M500N, M610, M640N, M810N, Soundstar X1; Neumann KM73, KM74, KM76, KM83, KM84, KM86; Telefunken M811; STC 4119; Oktava MKE15, and many others. The connector used on this cable will not fit a Sennheiser MD21-N correctly; see our MD21-N adapter cable.

This cable is correctly wired for T-powered microphones with positive on Tuchel pin 1 and may be used with the Sennheiser 12TP48 48V Phantom to T-Power adapter.

This cable IS NOT suitable for the Sennheiser MD421-HN/-HL or the MD21-HL which, although they look like the -N version of the same microphone, have a different pinout, and require a -HL cable.

This cable IS NOT suitable for the Sennheiser MKH-104, MKH-404, or MKH-804 which are unbalanced and require a special cable and DC power supply. We can supply a suitable custom cable upon request.

If you are not sure which is needed, see the Vintage Microphone Information Table.

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5 Metre Klein Tuchel to XLR Cable

Your choice of coloured cables and coloured boots in "resistor code" colours for easy identification (boot is on the XLR end only). Unlabelled, 5 metres long.

£28.00 + VAT + P&P
£28.00 + VAT + shipping
£28.00 + shipping

For other lengths and custom labelling, please use the quotation form.

Last updated: 02 Feb 2016