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We can provide all the cabling to plumb your DAW to a Solid State Logic Matrix —from a single loom to a complete installation.

Some example looms and prices for 5 metre and 10 metre lengths are listed below. All are available as a custom order in any length you need, with your choice of labelling and additional options. All looms have appropriate colour coded sleeved tails and connector boots.

To request a quotation for your installation, or to order any of the cables listed below, please fill out this quotation form. We also have some multi-purpose XLR looms and D-type looms available for instant purchase in standard lengths.

We can also supply custom cabling for other SSL Products.

8 channel outputs to Digidesign 888
- or -
8 channel outputs to MotU HD192
- or -
Device Send
5 M: £90-00
10 M: £120-00
8 channel DAW Return to Digidesign 888
- or -
8 channel DAW Return to Motu HD192
- or -
8 channel FX Returns
- or -
Device Return
5 M: £95-00
10 M: £125-00
8 channel DAW Return to Digidesign 192 I/O
- or -
8 channel DAW Return to Apogee AD16
- or -
8 channel DAW Return to Apogee Rosetta 800
5 M: £75-00
10 M: £105-00
8 channel DAW Return to Apogee Ensemble
- or -
8 channel DAW Returns to MotU 24I/O or 2408
5 M: £100-00
10 M: £130-00
Mini LS Outputs
5 M: £24-00
10 M: £34-00
- or -
AES/EBU Output
5 M: £17-50
10 M: £21-00
8-track bus outs to 8-track recorder
5 M: £75-00
10 M: £105-00

Custom 360dpi labelling for specific equipment and company or studio logos is available for an additional charge. Delivery and VAT (if applicable) will be added to these prices.

Last updated: 17 July 2008